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Search Engine Optimization is a requirement for success online in today's internet business environment.  SEO Recommends is about more than optimization, though.  To succeed today is more than keywords on a web site.  Business, Marketing, PR, and SEO are all requirements.  This site passes along a variety of resources and tips not usually available to the small online business.

If you talk to someone who professes to be an expert in a particular part of a field, you can expect that they would tout their techniques or technology as the end all, be all.  Of course, you should expect that because they're trying to sell you a specific product.  Once they release something else, the ultimate solution will change.  Now, I wouldn't label all "experts" as this because the good ones will most likely tell you that no one thing is the answer to success.

SEO is only part of the tools that must be in your kit to build a successful online business.  It can be an important part, and shouldn't be ignored.  Online businesses must incorporate a variety of factors, just as any business, to become successful.  Marketing, pricing strategies, customer service, PR (public relations), publishing, and other factors must also be seriously considered.

The mission of SEO Recommends is to provide information and resources that can help you create, promote, and build an online business.  You may find an info product or two sold directly here at some point, but for now you'll find articles, referrals to useful tools, and other info products that have some value.  As a visitor here, you should be able to find the essential tools needed to begin search engine optimization on your own sites.  Keyword research tools, ad revenue programs, and traffic generation opportunities are just a few of the basics that will get you started.



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